the Angel Virgin of the Old Dominion

A hearty adventure, a study in nature, and an exploration of the human search for meaning, ‘the Angel Virgin of the Old Dominion’ follows the peculiar life of Baron Gibt, a mythologist who has studied every culture and read every legendary myth.

Or so he believes, until an urban legend, whispered at night, plunges him into a frenetic quest to get to the bottom of a irresistible mystery. A mystery that will lead him to rifle among pre-civil war maps, attend a conspiratorial meeting in a theme park pub, and force him to learn to kayak with a canoe paddle. However, as Baron is soon to discover, the greatest mysteries are those that do not betray their secrets easily…and present worthy challenges along the way.

My first e-book!  Available here:

The cover was painted in mud from under a dogwood tree, by Sarah Jackson.




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