Stick with Nick on Cloudy Sunny Days

Nettles of Notes

Mudlark Notebook

1) It never ceases to ironicate me; the sheer volume of information of which one is ignorant, when seeing a person for the first time.

2) Fall is aptly named.  But things are always falling off trees.  Fall and spring…this is true.  Pollen and flowers and leaves are constantly springing and falling.  Beetles fall and birds spring and vice versa.  Old life and new life, all the year ’round.

3) When I was young, I was really into titles.  Explanatory titles were my least favorite.  ‘Reflections of Traveling in Greenland’.  So unoriginal.  Give me something abstract and creative.  (Titles Are Not Content…they only matter for reference and for the writer, who subsequently, loves an explanatory title.)

4) Mostly, I remember sober moments of note.  I remember the unique mundane quality they possess.  I can’t really choose when this happens; when a day or moment of reflection will be imprinted and idealized in my head for years to come.

5) write about a country that purposefully draws its borders to represent some specific shape


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