Larry Rede, Senior Design Project, EE Program, Test 25

“Test 25, we are going.  So 24 didn’t work.  I must have been doing too many complex movements.  The holo only caught the first 20 seconds of periphery and all that came out were a few dots of blue light.  So I’m sitting yoga style and not moving anything but my mouth.  I adjusted the sensors, so advanced movements shouldn’t be a problem.  The audio recording has been perfect since Test 7 but I still haven’t worked out how to make it sound as if it’s coming from a hologram.  I’m trying to develop projection software but it’s slow going.  Maybe I’ll sell it and call it Ventriloquism for Dummies [chuckles].  The data storage isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, which is nice.  Okay, fifteen seconds, uh…Larry, remember to call your mom, Bradley, and Anna.  Haven’t talked to Anna in too long.  Grace is taking up all my time.  It’s been four days and…Good.”


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