Larry Rede, Senior Design Project, EE Program, Test 24

“Hello, uh..ok.  This is Test 24…there we go…so, this is Test 24.  Cam’s working.  The holo-recorder should be mapping out periphery points on my body.  The indicator says it’s working, so here’s hoping I’ll see myself crossing these fingers in a couple minutes.  I’m a poor college student [laughs].  But then again I haven’t recorded anything 3D visual yet, so we’ll see.  Okaaay…so we’re at 30 seconds and I have to shoot at least a minute for the calibrator to finish mapping.  Um…well, uh…I’m excited about this new girl.  She’s from Toronto.  Don’t really know what to say about it.  Pretty excited.  She’s worked on eco projects in Chicago, Anchorage, and some in BC, so it should be interesting.  Should I shave?  I don’t know, I don’t really want to but if she likes it clean?  Whatever…how the hell did I get a black fly bite in the armpit.  Dirty little bastards.  I wouldn’t be that sorry to see them on the endangered species list.  They’re probably useful for something but I don’t know what it…oh, there we go.”


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